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It has come to my attention that a lot of people haven’t played this game so pay attention:

Grab a friend and tie your hands as the following picture shows


Now try getting yourselves free well maybe not free but apart from each other, so that the ropes aren’t tangled together, without opening the knots or otherwise removing the rope from around your wrists. It is possible.

im sorry friend but your arm must go


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a work of art

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Pokemon Spectrum | by gogoatt

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IN DEFENSE OF ARADIA MEGIDO: A defense post by Tumblr user destroythepast (contains spoilers)

I should note, to start off with, that “controversial” might not be the correct word for Aradia. A better term would be “unpopular”. She’s been my favorite character for a very long time now, and the amount of people who dismiss her completely is really kind of upsetting to me.

So here’s what I hear about Aradia on a constant basis: "She’s so boring!" And that is, in my humble opinion, simply not true. Allow me to explain.

Aradia goes through a number of transformations over the course of the story, but for a good chunk of it, she was a nearly-emotionless ghost (and, later, robot). A lot of people think her apathy made her boring, but I disagree strongly.

For one thing, even when she’s apathetic and depressive, she’s snarky and witty. A lot of her interactions are pure gold. And while she may not be especially expressive, it’s clear that the old Aradia (who was only seen in flashback) is still in there somewhere—she tells Sollux she’d like to see him happy (and hugs him before blowing up) and outright calls Karkat her friend, and shows several times that she doesn’t take crap from anyone. 

Additionally, even through the apathy, she’s interesting. She destroys things out of sheer boredom. She’s manipulative in a number of ways and clearly has her own agenda.

And then she goes God Tier, and becomes the person she was before dying—cheerful and morbid and a bit off-kilter. She’s happy to be truly alive again, to feel things and have real hope for the future. She’s gone through more shit than anyone should have to deal with in a lifetime over the course of around thirteen years, and she still smiles. (You can’t look me in the face and tell me there’s nothing beautiful about that.)

And yet at the same time, so many things about her are the same! She still revels in destruction, she’s still fixated on death, she still cares deeply about her friends, and she still has no tact whatsoever.

Aradia is a wonderful, deeply-layered, important, and interesting character, and seeing her thrown under the bus so often is just so saddening to me.

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teenage girls actually have to go through a lot of bullshit and the fact that it’s considered cool to make fun of them for being upset or emotional is kind of gross
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sonic the hedgehog is my FAVORITE meme. i wish there was sonic video games

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If I could download a dragon all the cops in the world couldn’t stop me

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Disney Princesses as sloths.

but why

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I don’t know if I have already reblogged this or not…but eh.

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